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I want to disappear
Approaching Eating Disorders

"I want to disappear" tries to portray the life worlds of persons who suffer from an Eating Disorder or already have overcome it. I tried to avoid the reproduction of clichéd representations and instead focus on the personal narratives and experiences of the protagonists who contributed to this undertaking.

Anorexia, Bulimia and related Phenomena are increasingly widespread. According to ANAD, up to 70 million people are currently worldwide suffering from an eating disorder. Increased body awareness, unrealistic beauty-ideals and the trend for self-optimization, dieting and fitness are one but far not the only reason for young persons to feel insecure about themselves and their appearance.

Nonetheless, a serious examination often is prevented by voyeuristic representations and an omnipresent taboo connected to the topic.

Together with the women and girls who were willing to share their experience, I aim to establish a different perspective on this subject. Therefore, I didn’t only take photographs myself but also conducted lengthy interviews, and collected drawings, sculptures, writings and pictures of the protagonists.